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Film Screening: "This Land is Ours"

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activism, japan-korea territorial dispute, asialens
Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies; Spurlock Museum
Nov 14, 2017   3:00 pm  

 This documentary focuses on Dokdo/Takeshima territorial dispute- related activism in Japan and Korea. It provides individual activists in both countries with a platform to talk about themselves, their activism and their views of the other country.


The territorial dispute between Japan and Korea over the ownership of the Dokdo/Takeshima islets is not limited to state-to-state relations. In both countries there are citizens' groups actively engaged in protesting, lobbying and educating the public. This Island is Ours follows a Korean kindergarten caretaker with a background in student activism and a recently widowed Japanese housewife as they campaign tirelessly for the soveignty of the tiny islets that are currently controlled by Korea, but also claimed by Japan. This film creates a rare insight into the life of the two activists on both sides by presenting their parallel experiences from a neutral point of view. (Directed by Alexander Bukh and Nils Clauss. 2016.  Japan / South Korea. 52 minutes.)


Free and open to the public.

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