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Lunch & Learn: Green and Sustainable Remediation of Polluted Sites

Event Type
Office of Sustainability
2175 CMRB
Dec 9, 2010   12:00 pm  
Dr. Krishna Reddy

Traditional site remediation approaches often focus on reducing the contaminant levels to the risk-based levels at low cost in a short period of time. In contrast to a traditional remediation approach, green and sustainable remediation (GSR) is a holistic approach to remediation that also minimizes ancillary environmental impacts.  The GSR approach addresses a broad range of environmental, social and economical impacts during all remediation phases. The objective of GSR is to achieve remedial goals through more efficient, sustainable strategies that conserve resources and protect air, water, and soil quality through reduced emissions and other waste burdens. GSR also simultaneously encourages the reuse of remediated land and increased long-term financial returns for investments. Though the potential benefits of GSR are enormous, many environmental professionals and project stakeholders do not utilize GSR technologies because they are unaware of methods for selection and implementation. However, with continued public awareness of sustainability issues, GSR will increasingly be pursued. This presentation will discuss the decision framework including the metrics to assess sustainability of GSR, reviews the potential GSR technologies, and finally highlights the challenges in promoting GSR in practice

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