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NRES Departmental Seminar by Dr. Eric Holzmueller

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Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
W-109 Turner Hall, 1102 S. Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801
Jan 25, 2013   3:00 pm  
Dr. Eric Holzmueller
FREE - Open to the Public!
Dr. Jennifer Fraterrigo

NRES Departmental Seminar by Dr. Eric Holzmueller, Associate Professor
of Forestry at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Title: Perpetuating oak dominated forests in Illinois: Some obstacles and solutions

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Oak dominated forests were historically maintained by fire in Illinois, but over the past century fire suppression has resulted in increased abundance of non-oak species and decreased oak abundance which threatens the perpetuation of these forests. Catastrophic wind events and frequently used harvesting techniques have further exacerbated this problem. Solutions for maintaining oak dominance include returning fire to the landscape and mechanical thinning, but these options can be expensive for most landowners. Governmental cost-share programs exist, but funds are limited. However, conservation planning could potentially be used to identify lands that would benefit most from cost-share assistance.

Eric Holzmueller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Forestry at Southern Illinois University who specializes in forest management and ecology in central hardwood forests. He has conducted research across the eastern United States concerning these issues and recently funded projects range from revising the Illinois Hardwood Silvics manual to analyzing the impacts of acidification on hardwood forest ecosystems in the central Appalachians.

Poster (PDF)

Dr. Holzmueller is hosted by Dr. Jennifer Fraterrigo. If you wish to meet with the speaker, please contact Jen at

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