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TRANSFORMATIONS - Integrating Assessment Into Learning: The "Scholar" Environment in Principle and Practice

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COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Department of Psychology and the Ubiquitous Learning Institute
10 Education, 1310 S 6th St, Champaign
Nov 2, 2011   11:00 am - 12:30 pm  

Please join us for our next Transformations: Research and Teaching in the Digital Age seminar. Dr. William Cope will be our keynote presenter. His talk, Integrating Assessment Into Learning: The "Scholar" Environment in Principle and Practice, illustrates the successful vision and implementation of design, theory, and emergent technologies. In his own words, Dr. Cope describes his talk:

We can use new technologies to do conventional, old things—as we do when we transfer Gutenberg’s typographic schemas onto desktops or the heritage logic of classrooms into learning management systems. This presentation explores seven ‘affordances’—things we could do differently with new media technologies, even though much of the time we do not. The things I am going to highlight are by no means written into new media technologies. In fact, these are all things that, with effort, we could have done with printed texts and in traditional classrooms, and sometimes did. The change of greatest significance is the economy of effort. The presentation will explore the practicalities of integrating assessment into learning in several projects I am working on for the US Department of Education. For these projects, we have been building an online writing, learning and assessment environment, and trialing it in schools. I will show this. I will also discuss a theory of new learning and new literacies, focusing on some of the affordances of the digital media: collaboration, differentiation, metacognition, ubiquity, multimodality, agency and evaluation.

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