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JOB TALK: Memory Techniques that Optimize Learning: The Effects of Retrieval, Distributed Practice, and Feedback Timing

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Educational Psychology
210A Education Building
Nov 29, 2012   1:30 pm  
Shana Carpenter, Iowa State University
Julie Kellogg

Shana Carpenter, assistant professor at Iowa State University, will address how effective education relies on the use of instructional techniques that promote durable learning. Although some of these techniques can be counterintuitive and might slow down the rate at which information is initially acquired, they often enhance retention of this information as assessed by a later test. She will discuss her work on three principles: 1. retrieval practice (the testing effect), 2. distributed practice (the spacing effect), and 3. the delay-of-feedback benefit. Carpenter will present findings from both laboratory- and classroom-based research that shed some light on the theoretical underpinnings of these effects, in addition to ways that they may be applied toward enhancing learning in educational settings.

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