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JOB TALK: Identifying Factors to Promote Student Learning

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Department of Educational Psychology
210A Education Building
Dec 6, 2012   1:30 pm  
Mary Pyc, Washington University
Julie Kellogg

There has been an increasing interest in applying cognitive principles to promote student learning and scholarship. Mary Pyc, postdoctoral fellow at Washington University, will discuss some of her research that has evaluated the mechanisms underlying the memorial benefits of retrieval practice. If we can understand why retrieval practice is beneficial for memory, we may be better able to maximize the influence of retrieval practice on long-term retention. Second, she will discuss research evaluating how spacing in combination with retrieval practice might maximize benefits to long-term retention. She will also report evidence indicating that spacing and testing effects produce intriguing tradeoffs that are consistent with a recent model of retrieval practice effects. Finally, Pyc will discuss research that has targeted individuals with superior memory abilities. Much of the research on superior memory abilities has focused primarily on domain specific enhancements.

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