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JOB TALK: Mathematics Anxiety: Origins, Impact, and Cognitive Mechanisms Driving Poor Performance

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Department of Educational Psychology
192 Education Building
Dec 3, 2012   10:00 am  
Gerardo Ramirez, University of Chicago
Julie Kellogg

Students' ability to perform up to their potential in the classroom and on high stakes exams can be hindered by a persistent fear of doing mathematics, known as math anxiety. In this talk, Gerardo Ramirez, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago, will present research describing the impact of math anxiety on math performance early in schooling and discuss work that addresses the cognitive mechanism underlying the negative math anxiety-achievement relation. He will also highlight research aimed at understanding how young children come to develop negative math attitudes and beliefs in the first place. Lastly, he will present some recent attempts to reduce the impact of math anxiety by, ironically, encouraging individuals to delve into their negative thoughts and concerns regarding math. Ramirez will conclude by discussing how his work informs classroom practices relevant to students and teachers.

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