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Feeling a little Chile?

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International Programs in Engineering
Feb 15, 2013 - Feb 22, 2013  

International Programs in Engineerings Country of the Week for the week of February 18th is CHILE! If you apply to an IPENG program in Chile by Friday, February 22nd at 5 P.M. you save $100 off your program fee. In addition to these savings, IPENG is offering an additional $500 off all programs in Chile. You can save $600 if you apply by the 22nd!  Chile is located along the western coast of South America and borders the Pacific Ocean, and features an array of different terrains and climates. Chile is generally considered to be one of the best-off nations in South America and has an economy that continues to grow. The local cultures in Chile vary from region to region, and also contain influences from several European countries, most notably Spain. All our programs in Chile are at the Universidad del Bio-Bio, located in Concepcion. We offer summer programs as well as semester/academic year programs. You can apply now at!

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