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LabVIEW/CLAD Certification Course

Event Type
U of I WebStore
Digital Computing Lab
Jan 8, 2013 - Jan 11, 2013   8:30 am  
National Instruments Certified Instructor
$25 per attendee
Space is limited. Register now. Enrollment ends December 28.
Judi Geistlinger

Finding a job in this economy is tough. LabVIEW certified individuals have the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running giving them an edge over their competition.

To help prepare U of I students for the future WebStore is offering a certified LabVIEW Training Boot Camp at the Urbana campus. Classes will be held Tuesday through Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm. The Certified LabVIEW Assistant Developer (CLAD) exam will be given Friday afternoon.

The $25 enrollment fee includes attendance to all LabVIEW training sessions, a Student Edition Version of LabVIEW (expires May 2013), a LabVIEW training manual, and one attempt at CLAD certification. Typical cost for this CLAD training and certification package is over $8,000 per person. Getting CLAD certified through WebStore will save you over 99%. Six months experience using LabVIEW is recommended but not required. Anyone wanting to learn more about LabVIEW and obtain certification is welcome to attend.


All attendees must have a Windows OS computer (with the provided LabVIEW software installed prior to the first session), Internet access, and allow permission to download an Internet Explorer ActiveX component to take the CLAD exam. You must attend ALL sessions to be eligible for the free CLAD certification test.

Topics Covered:

Problem Solving with LabVIEW

Navigating LabVIEW

Trouble Shooting and Debugging Vis

Implementing a VI

Relating Data

Storing Measurement Data

Developing Modular Apps

Acquiring Data

Instrument Control

Common Design Techniques and Patterns

Communicating among multiple Loops

Event Programming

Improving and existing VI

Controlling the User Interface

Advanced File I/O techniques

Creating and distributing apps

All sessions will be conducted by a National Instruments certified instructor.

Don't miss your opportunity to get ahead of your competition. Log in to WebStore to register for these sessions. Classroom size is limited, so please be aware that there will be no refunds after your purchase is complete. Enrollment closes Dec 28.

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