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Virtual School for Computational Science and Engineering: Harness the Power of GPUs: Introduction to GPGPU Programming

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Virtual School for Computational Science and Engineering
Room 1030, NCSA Building, 1205 W. Clark St., Urbana
Jun 16, 2014 - Jun 20, 2014  
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Harness the Power of GPUs, an Introduction to GPGPU Programming, is a mixture of lectures and labs and introduces all levels of parallelism as well as common approaches for parallelization in order to achieve the following goals: Better utilization of the GPUs by enabling more scientists to use them, better understanding of the efficiency in the GPU utilization by the application developers and a higher job throughput by enabling more resources and shortening job runtimes. In addition, participants will understand and avoid the common pitfalls of parallel computing, learn CUDA and OpenACC, understand the basic principles of data parallel computing, tap into enormous computing power, even on a laptop, and speed up research.

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