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"Enabling high performance mobile applications under constraints"

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Coordinated Science Laboratory, Room 301
Apr 9, 2014   10:00 am  
ECE Faculty Candidate Aruna Balasubramanian, University of Washington
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Mobile devices are fundamentally constrained with respect to cellular and battery resources. The problem is that the mobile platform and applications make poor use of these constrained resources. As a result, mobile users often experience poor application performance.

In this talk, I will describe three projects that enable high performance applications under these constraints. The three projects are representative of a larger theme in my research: to provide underlying system support for applications to efficiently use less constrained resources. 

I will describe ViFi, a system that enables high demand applications such as Skype from moving vehicles, using connectivity from WiFi hotspots alone. ViFi reduces the unreliability of the WiFi network using a probabilistic relaying technique. I will describe FindAll, a system that enables extremely low latency web search even without Internet connectivity. FindAll builds a local search engine in the constrained phone environment for users to easily search without requiring the Internet. I will describe MobileHub, a system that enables extremely low-power continuous monitoring by leveraging a lower power processor. MobileHub rewrites the application binary to seamlessly use the low power processor without any developer effort. 

Before concluding, I will describe my vision for supporting ubiquitous mobile access. In this context, I will briefly describe two research threads I am interested in pursuing in the future. 


Aruna Balasubramanian is a Postdoctoral fellow at University of Washington. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where her dissertation won the UMass outstanding dissertation award and was the Sigcomm dissertation award runner up. She works in the area of networked systems, and her work incorporates elements of both networking and systems in the context of mobile computing. Her current work involves re-architecting mobile systems to better support current and next-generation applications. Her work has appeared in such venues as NSDI, Mobisys, Sigcomm, and MobiCom. As part of service to the community, she has served on the Program committee of Mobicom, MobiSys, NSDI, IMC, and several workshops. She is the recipient of the Computing Innovation Fellowship and the Microsoft Graduate Research Fellowship.

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