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Functional Micro-patterned Core-Shell Alginate Fibers via Raleigh Instability

Event Type
BioNanotechnology Seminar
1000 MNTL
Jan 29, 2013   12:00 pm  
Joshua Grolman, Materials Science and Engineering, PnD Candidate
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In this communication, we propose a method of micro-patterning alginate gel fibers with aqueous core, alginate shell architecture in a one-step and continuous process. By harnessing the interfacial tension that surmounts from the instability between dissimilar liquids and their respective fluid dynamics, we are able to control  the  formation  and  structure  of  said alginate  gels.  This is accomplished with core-shell co-flow glass capillary devices that introduce the gelation agent in the innermost core flow of the three glass capillaries.  Upon direct fluid contact, an initial gel forms, of cross-link density and strength characteristic of its respective inner gelator fluid flow rate,  concentration,  and  counter-ion.  By  so  tuning  these  traits,  we  are  able  to  traverse  fiber-forming regimes to those of droplet manufacture.

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