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Astronomy Colloquium: "The Star Formation Histories of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies" - Dan Weisz, UCSC

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Astronomy Department
Astronomy 134
Apr 1, 2014   3:45 pm  
Dan Weisz, University of California, Santa Cruz
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I will present new insights into the evolution of faintest known galaxies in the universe from my recent work on measuring the star formation histories (SFHs) of 40 Local Group dwarf galaxies based on archival Hubble Space Telescope imaging.  The galaxy sample spans a wide range in stellar mass (10^4 < M< 10^9 Msun) and includes all morphological types found in the Local Group, making it the best available sample to understand how low mass galaxies form and evolve.  I will explore the apparent tensions between the SFHs of Local Group dwarfs and those modeled and observed from observations of the higher redshift universe. I will also discuss the various processes that are thought to quench low mass galaxies such as reionization and tidal stripping, and highlight the complexity associated with how low mass galaxies go from star-forming and gas-rich to quiescent and gas-poor.

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