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Sandia National Laboratory Info Sessions in NPRE

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Sandia National Laboratories
111 Talbot Laboratory
Sep 14, 2017   3:00 - 5:00 pm  
Jason Petti
Becky Meline
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Drop-in Small Group/Individual Info Sessions in NPRE

Come find out about careers with Sandia!


Sandia National Laboratories is the nation’s premier science and engineering lab for national security and technology innovation.  We are a world-class team of scientists, engineers, technologist, post docs, and visiting researchers all focused on cutting-edge technology, ranging from homeland defense, global security, biotechnology, and environmental preservation to energy and combustion research, computer security, and nuclear defense. 


Representatives from Sandia will be participating in Engineering Career Services Career Fair September 12th and 13th and are interested in meeting with BS, MS, and PhD level students regarding co-op, full-time, and internship opportunities.


Visitor Bio:  Jason Petti is the manager of the Nuclear Safety Technologies Department which supports Sandia’s nuclear facilities in the areas of Safety Basis and Criticality Safety.  Prior to his current assignment, Jason was the test director at Sandia’s Rocket Sled Track within the Energetic Environments Department of the Validation & Qualification Sciences Experimental Complex.  Jason also worked previously in the Nuclear Energy Safety Technologies group where his work involved assessments of structures and components related to the nuclear and fossil fuel industries.  His work included studying degradation in power plant containment vessels for use in accident risk assessments, seismic assessment of spent nuclear fuel dry storage casks, fire-induced thermal effects on reinforced concrete structures, aircraft impact effects on plants, support of NRC in license renewal for the Oyster Creek Power Plant through containment stress and stability analyses, and support for Taiwanese regulators for assessing the stability of spent nuclear fuel.  Dr. Petti obtained his BS, MS, and PhD in Civil Engineering from Illinois in 1998, 2000, and 2004.

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