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Materials Science and Engineering Soft Materials Seminar

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Materials Science and Engineering
119 Materials Science and Engineering Building
Oct 24, 2017   4:00 pm  
Yuebing Zheng, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas - Austin
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MatSE Seminars

 "Manipulating Light, Matter and Energy with Plasmonic Nanotechnology" 

Surface plasmons, which are coherent oscillations of delocalized electrons at the interface of two materials, can manipulate light at the nanoscale. We explore and exploit the unique optical, thermal, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties associated with the plasmon-enhanced nanoscale light to innovate a wide range of optical nanotechnologies in health, energy, manufacturing andnational security. I present our progress in three areas:


(I) Optothermal manipulations of colloidal particles, biological cells and molecules. New techniques include bubble-pen lithography and opto-thermophoretic tweezers. Their applications in colloidal matter, colloidal devices, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and cellular biology are presented.

(II) Plasmon-induced hot-electron and resonant energy transfer. Applications include fluorescence enhancement, rewritable nanophotonics and solar water splitting.

(III) Light manipulations with moire metasurfaces and metamaterials. Applications include surface-enhanced chiroptical spectroscopy, surface-enhanced multi-band optical spectroscopy, optical capture of bacteria and photothermal denaturation of proteins.

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