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Visitors Series: Evocative and Provocative: Olivia Gude

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School of Art + Design Visitors Series
107 A+D
Apr 22, 2013   5:00 pm  
Olivia Gude
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Olivia Gude, Professor of Art Education, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Monday April 22, 2013, 5:00pm, Room 107 A+D

Evocative & Provocative Pedagogy: Bricolage Assemblage Curriculum

Continuing a series of presentations and papers on reimagining the content of everyday art education''Postmodern Principles, Principles of Possibility, Why We Need New School Art Styles, and Evocative & Provocative Pedagogy''this presentation addresses the difficulty of establishing structural frameworks for art education in today''s multi-cultural, globally aware, aesthetically diverse postmodern culture. This formulation eschews the notion of foundational curriculum, instead advancing a conception of ''comprehensive'' curriculum that introduces students to a wide variety of artistic methodologies''not defined only as techniques related to a particular medium, but as aesthetic practices that generate meaning through idiosyncratic form and through stylistic commonalities that "teach" us how to read the work. Students study aesthetic practices, not as historical reenactments of past ways of making, but would instead engage in making things utilizing ''living'' aesthetic practices'' methodologies that real contemporary artists utilize to make meaning.

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