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PRI Lightning Talks & Poster Session

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Prairie Research Institute
Forbes Natural History Building (1816 S. Oak St., Champaign)
Oct 19, 2017   3:00 - 5:00 pm  
Trish Barker
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Lightning talks

  • Ben Brandon Curry, Illinois State Geological Survey, Merging old and new radiocarbon dates from Illinois reveals the age of key paleoclimatic events
  • Joy Scrogum, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, The Illini Gadget Garage and the Repair Revolution
  • Ethan J. Theuerkauf, Illinois State Geological Survey, Lake Michigan Geologic Research to Inform Coastal Management
  • Jeremy Tiemann, Illinois Natural History Survey, America's Newest Invader - Discovery of New Exotic Species in Illinois


  • Zohreh Askari, Illinois State Geological Survey, Stratigraphic Variability and Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Cypress Sandstone in the Deep Area of the Illinois Basin
  • Jennie Atkins, Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois during the Eclipse
  • Elias Getahun, Illinois State Water Survey, Coupled Optimization-Watershed Modeling System for Evaluating Water Quality Benefits of Agricultural Best Management Practices
  • Eve Hargrave and Lena Nash, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, Human Sacrifice in the Late Prehistoric American Bottom: Skeletal and Archaeological Evidence
  • Sarah King, Illinois Natural History Survey, Ancient Sport Fish Demographics in Illinois
  • Michael J. Louison, Illinois Natural History Survey, Why Does a Fish Strike a Lure?
  • Beth Meschewski, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Fun Meeting Techniques
  • Anastasia Rahlin, Illinois Natural History Survey, Using environmental DNA sampling methods to determine cryptic wetland bird occupancy in Illinois
  • Joy Scrogum, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, The Illini Gadget Garage: Do-it-Together Repair of Electronics and Small Appliances
  • Andrew Stumpf, Illinois State Geological Survey, Geothermal Research at U of I -- Supporting Future Energy Needs
  • Jason Thomason, Illinois State Geological Survey, Geotechnical properties of glacial deposits in Illinois
  • Zoe Zaloudek, Illinois State Water Survey, Tornado Tracks and Touchdowns in Illinois, 1950-2015
  • Zhenxing Zhang, Illinois State Water Survey, Assess the index gage method to develop an flow duration curve
  • Zachary C. Zuckerman, Illinois Natural History Survey, Assessing recovery and reproduction in a once-extirpated lake trout population
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