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A View of the Moon: Lecture by Jim Kaler, Followed by Direct Observation hosted by Leslie Looney

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The Rare Book & Manuscript Library and the University of Illinois Department of Astronomy Observatory.
The Rare Book & Manuscript Library, 346 Library and The University of Illinois Observatory
Nov 19, 2013   7:00 pm  
James Kaler, Leslie Looney
free admission
Marten Stromberg
217 333 3777


"A View of the Moon"

Lecture by Jim Kaler, Professor Emeritus of Astronomy

Followed by a Moon viewing at the Campus Observatory at 8pm

The Moon has been an object of speculation and myth from time immemorial. Before the advent telescopic astronomy people thought that the dark spots on the Moon might have been caused by shadows of the Earth's mountains or contained vast bodies of water. It was imagined to be a possible site for extraterrestrial life and a future colony; even before rocket technology people dreamed of traveling there and exploring its surface. Today, careful scientific observation, great leaps in astronomy, and actual visits to the lunar surface have brought us much closer to the truth. We continue to make discoveries about the Moon and investigate its history and composition.

Astronomer and Professor Jim Kaler will be delivering a talk about the Moon that will help you better understand our nearest celestial neighbor. There will be an actual Moon rock on display and many other books documenting the history of speculation about life on the Moon. Following the lecture, Leslie Looney will be hosting a Moon observation session at the Campus Observatory. You will be able to take a close look through the 12" Bashear refracting telescope. Not to be missed!

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