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Working with ESL Student Writers in Your Classes: A Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Workshop

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Center for Writing Studies
1064 Lincoln Hall
Feb 15, 2013   1:00 - 3:00 pm  
Teresa Bertram

-How can I respond most effectively to ESL students' writing?
-How should I respond to, and grade, language errors in ESL students' texts?
-Are there cultural differences in source use and citation practices that I should know about?

The University of Illinois has the highest international enrollment of any public university in the U.S., and the percentage of international undergraduates has almost doubled in the past five years. Instructors are, thus, seeing more and more international and multilingual students in their classrooms, and many have been asking questions like those above.

Through readings, presentation, and activities, this workshop will address questions about

--how writers develop advanced academic literacy in another language,
--how to read, respond to, and assess ESL students' writing,
--why paraphrasing and integrating sources may be especially challenging for second language writers, and
--how writing-across-the-curriculum approaches can benefit ESL writers.

Faculty, academic professionals, and graduate teaching assistants are welcome.
Registration is required and limited to 30.

--Paul Prior, Director of the Center for Writing Studies, Professor of English and the Center for Writing Studies
--Andrea Olinger, Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Studies, Ph.D. student (Writing Studies)
--Yu-Kyung Kang, Assistant Director of the Writers Workshop, Ph.D. student (Writing Studies)

How to Register
Email Teresa Bertram at with the following information: your name, the academic position you hold, your department or program, and what teaching or other experiences have sparked your interest in this workshop.

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