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Engineering Grad School Virtual Fair

Event Type
Professional Development
Oct 19, 2017   10:00 am - 4:00 pm  
Who is invited? 
  • All Engineering Graduate Schools & Programs recruiting prospective students
  • Prospective students who are interested in Engineering Graduate Degrees & Programs
How does it work? 
Register to Review the Recorded Informational Webinar on How the Virtual Fair Works. 

Where do I have to go? 
  • Nowhere, it all happens online!
  • Flexible Time Frame: Each organization chooses their own chat times during the event
Leverage the power of Recruiting Technology | Attend the Fair from Anywhere
Top Reasons to participate 
  • Lower admissions costs by using our online solution to interact with top quality prospective students
  • Interact in your own chat room with the option to conduct video sessions
  • Unlimited access to all registered candidates’ information including exporting electronic resumes (Note: resume upload not required)
  • Save time, travel, and staff required to participate in all day, on-site events
  • Efficiently involve multiple participants (faculty, grad students, admissions, et. al.) in the admissions process
  • Eliminate transportation and overhead costs associated with booth design and production
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