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Sociology Colloquium Series

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Department of Sociology
Room 3057 Lincoln Hall, 702 S Wright Street, Urbana
Sep 29, 2017   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Lila Sharif, Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies, UIUC

Abstract: My book project, Olive Insurrections, analyzes the cultural, environmental, political, and discursive impacts of Israeli settler-colonialism in the West Bank through the analysis of Palestinian farming practices and olive oil circulation. Through a cumulative nine months of fine-grained, multi-sited ethnography with West Bank farmers—one of the most vulnerable and inaccessible populations in the world—as well as U.S-based consumers, I expose the simultaneity of violence and recuperation enabled by the production, circulation and consumption of fair trade Palestinian commodities. Whereas most food studies tend toward a discourse of excess, access or deficiency on the one hand, or romanticized authenticity on the other, I link the material conditions of food production to the racialized and gendered logics of labor and pleasure to argue that contemporary settler colonialism is interlinked with globalization and neoliberalism.

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