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Sociology Colloquium Series

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Department of Sociology
Room 3057 Lincoln Hall
Apr 28, 2017   3:00 - 4:30 pm  
Professor Jake Rosenfeld

Don't Ask or Tell: Pay Secrecy Policies in U.S. Workplaces

How common is information sharing in modern workplaces? How might information sharing (or the lack thereof) influence inequality? In this talk, I will focus on two forms of information potentially relevant for inequality patterns: information about the wages/salaries of other people in your workplace, and information about workplace finances. I examine the prevalence of pay information among U.S. workers, and isolate key predictors of whether or not a worker is likely to know his/her co-workers’ pay. I then focus on the effects of workplace finance information on worker wages using a sample of British employees. The talk ends with a call for greater attention to information sharing in contemporary firms, especially in light of ongoing legislative efforts to increase transparency at work.

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