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Risky Business: The Foreclosure Crisis, Asian Americans, and Nonprofits in Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Department of Asian American Studies
Asian American Cultural Center1210 W. Nevada St.Urbana
Mar 6, 2014   12:00 pm  
C. Aujean Lee 2013 Jeffrey S. Tanaka Asian American Studies Grant Recipient Master's Student, Department of  Urban and Regional Planning University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Asian American Studies

This study explores how the foreclosure crisis has impacted Asian Americans and Asian American-serving nonprofits, using the Minneapolis-St. Paul region as a case study. It includes foreclosure trends in the region and Asian American neighborhoods. It also uses interviews and focus groups to examine how one nonprofit and its clients have been affected by the foreclosure crisis. The results illustrate how Asian American communities have attempted to mitigate the impacts from foreclosures when there are few resources for particularly immigrant, limited English-speaking homeowners. It highlights how organizations have built networks to increase their capacities. Furthermore, the study helps to understand how multiple layers of risk have affected how Asian Americans are affected by foreclosures differently from other homeowners. These findings have implications for shaping housing programs that cater to Asian Americans and other immigrant groups.

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