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Colleen Bushell eDream talk

Event Type
NCSA 2100
Mar 28, 2013   4:00 pm  

Title: "Personalized Medicine and the Challenge of Personalizing Communication”

Abstract: Colleen Bushell, a researcher in NCSA visual analytics group specializing in information design and software interface development.

In addition to her role at NCSA, she is an eDream fellow and receives funding from the Mayo Clinic – University of Illinois Alliance. Her current interest focuses on the analysis and communication of genetic data and health information for clinical physicians, patients, and scientists. Her research explores the representation of uncertainty, context, probability and methodical inquiry. These concepts and research questions are applicable to other domains of information design. She will discuss challenges in these areas, her design methodology, and specific experiences from past work that guide her approach. Prior to her current position, Colleen was Director of Product Development and Design at RiverGlass Inc., an NCSA spin-off company that produced text analysis software. While at NCSA from 1986-2004 her work included data visualization for many scientific disciplines; design of the interface for Mosaic, the first Web browser; design of the first web-based office space created for Vice President Al Gore; and co-development of a visual programming interface for NCSA's data mining software. Colleen was also a tenured professor at UIUC in Graphic Design, and received the College of Fine and Applied Arts Outstanding Faculty Award in 1999.

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