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"Neurobiological Investigation of Vocal Production Learning in the Mammalian Brain" by Michael Yartsev, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Engineering New York Stem Cell Foundation - Robertson Investigator Helen Wills Institute of Neuroscience Graduate Program UC Berkeley-UCSF Graduate Program in Bioengineering University of California at Berkeley

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bat, language aquisition, neuroscience, songbird, vocal learning
Neuroscience Program
Beckman Institute, Room 1005
Dec 11, 2018   4:00 - 5:00 pm  
Michael Yartsev
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Learning a language is generally considered the crown jewel of human abilities. Yet the core question of ‘What is it about the human mammalian brain that allows us to learn our language?’, remains unresolved. In humans, language acquisition is mediated by a process called ‘vocal learning’. While humans are expert vocal learners, a remarkably sparse subset of mammals share
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