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U.S. Contraceptive Use in Comparative Perspective

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This seminar is organized by the Department of Sociology and co-sponsored by: WGGP, Human & Community Development, and Kinesiology & Community Health
3057 Lincoln Hall
Mar 1, 2013   1:30 pm  
Megan Sweeney, Professor of Sociology, UCLA
Free and open to the public
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Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (WGGP)

Many argue that the rise of cohabitation may have been fueled by availability of

highly effective contraception, but that differences in contraceptive use between

married and cohabiting couples should diminish as cohabitation becomes more

established. This analysis examines whether cohabiting women in the United

States, Spain, and France are more likely than married women in these countries

to use the most effective contraceptive methods. It also considers the association

between sterilization and socioeconomic status in comparative context.

Specifically, it explores whether similar patterns are observed in the U.S. and

nine other low-fertility countries, and consider whether these associations can be

explained by differences across groups in background factors such as the timing

of childbearing or union stability.

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